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Providing reliable and professional services to a variety of industries.

We deliver our range of services, which include planning, design, construction and management of projects, from the initial concept stages through to project completion.

Our capacity allows us to deliver our full range of services nationally, with headquarters based in Sydney, NSW and Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Read on to learn more about the industries we work with and our recent projects in these areas. 


Civil and infrastructure

Building a Bridge

Crux provides surveying and spatial services to civil and infrastructure projects, delivering accurate and reliable spatial data for the planning, construction and management of those projects.

We have worked on major civil and infrastructure projects across Australia, including road, rail, stormwater, sewer and electrical projects. We combine this experience and the expertise of our team with the latest technologies to deliver tailored spatial solutions within the constraints and challenges of each project.

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Government and defence

Australian Parliament House

We are trusted by government agencies and contractors to complete critical infrastructure and training facility projects, on time and to strict budget constraints. Our comprehensive service approach means we’re available throughout the duration of the project, which helps address and resolve any issues that may arise. 

Crux understands the project security requirements associated with working on government projects, and has implemented thorough policies and procedures to protect sensitive documents and mitigate cyber intrusions. Our document security and confidentiality systems allow us to adhere to sensitivity and security requirements specifically relating to defence projects.

Our team also has security clearances obtained through the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency, which is a requirement for access to defence bases in Australia. Our Chief Security Officer has Negative Vetting 1 (NV1) clearance.

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Construction Site

Our extended suite of services for commercial and residential construction includes cadastral surveying, rezoning, structure planning and asset management.

We are well equipped to satisfy even the most challenging operational requirements, drawing on our experience in surveying for construction and infrastructure projects across Australia. Our detailed reporting systems and innovative technology assist in all aspects of construction planning.

A project’s survey requirements change as it moves through the different stages of its development. We deduce and tailor the most appropriate survey methodology and technology to safely achieve the desired accuracy required for the design and regulatory requirements during each stage of the project.

Our construction surveys consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Provision of survey control networks

  • Initial contour and detail surveys

  • Earthworks set-out

  • Conformance surveys of completed earthworks, pads and construction layers

  • Pavement set-out, as-constructed and conformance

  • Work-as-executed and as-built surveys for compliance

  • Monitoring and subsidence surveys

  • Survey audits, QA checks and as-constructed surveys of completed works

  • Building grid set out and benchmarks

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Property development and architecture

Abstract Architecture

We have delivered successful site development for a wide array of projects. From concept through to title registration, Crux alleviates any concerns regarding site development by providing constructable and cost-effective solutions to all aspects of site land development. Our diverse expertise results in subdivision cost savings, streamlined approvals and quality projects for our clients.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Floor plans

  • Reflected ceiling plans (RCPs)

  • Elevations

  • Cross sections

  • 3D models and building information modelling (BIM)

  • Site selection and layout

  • Land surveying

  • Construction set out

  • Roadway design

  • Land-use planning

  • Drainage design

  • Permitting.

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Empty Train Station

We appreciate the substantial investment required for any public or private rail infrastructure.

Sound planning and design are critical for the successful delivery of rail projects and include the supply of project documentation that aligns with client timeframes to suit a window of opportunity provided by planned track possessions.

Our knowledge and understanding of the rail sector including industry standards, systems and practices means we can offer a full range of high-accuracy surveying and specialist services. These include rail corridor planning and investigation, survey and civil design and detailed site surveys (DSS). These services can be provided for rail alignments, rail embankments, bridges and tunnels, culverts and trackside drainage, rail stations and supporting infrastructure.

Crux has undertaken a range of projects within the rail sector, so we understand the importance of safety when working in close proximity to railways. Our team members have all received the necessary training and experience to work safely within this sector.

View our latest projects here>>



We work with both public and private sector organisations in the water industry.

We understand environment and water infrastructure, and that utilities projects require accurate and reliable spatial data to effectively meet project outcomes.

Crux utilises the latest measurement technologies, including high-definition scanning and subsurface utility investigation, on the majority of water projects to accurately locate pipe work and infrastructure for future planning, as-built documentation and 3D model creation. This advanced acquisition of data enables Crux to deliver clients accurate existing and as-built documentation, so they can confidently construct infrastructure in the correct location, saving additional costs associated with project delays and redesigns.

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Accurate and reliable spatial data is critical to overcoming sustainability and energy conservation challenges and to successfully developing energy projects, from planning and construction to management and maintenance.

Our extensive experience in energy-related projects, together with the latest measurement technology, means our solutions significantly improve safety and efficiency while improving our clients’ ability to meet their project objectives.

Services include asset location and mapping, through high-definition scanning and 3D modelling, subsurface utility investigtation and mapping, determination of cadastral boundaries and easement creation.

View our latest projects here>>


Aerial View of City

With the majority of our population living near the coast, marine projects are in high demand. Some of these projects include wharfs, jetties, tug berths, moorings and offshore piling. Marine projects require innovation and new survey techniques to satisfy particular requirements and tolerances.

Crux undertakes hydrographic surveying; specifically, dredging and marine construction. Hydrographic surveying relies as much on software and hardware, both of which we have made significant investment in.

Different data collection methods and standards are used in collecting hydrographic data for maritime safety and for scientific or engineering projects.

An extensive amount of data is collected during a typical hydrographic survey; often several soundings per square metre. Depending on the final use (navigation charts, digital terrain models, volume calculation for dredging, topography, bathymetry) this data must be refined and corrected for errors and the effects of tides, waves/heave, water level and water temperature differences (thermoclines).

Our data collection equipment, including real-time kinematic GPS, records the data required for correcting the soundings. The final output of charts is created in a combination of specialty charting software and Autodesk Civil 3D.

View our latest projects here>>
Building a Bridge
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