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Safety Environment & Quality Assurance.

Committed to ensuring the health and safety of our people and the community in which we operate.

While we deliver a diverse range of services across multiple markets and sectors, we provide information, instruction and training in all aspects of health and safety, environment and quality assurance to our team and project stakeholders.

We follow a strict process of identifying, assessing and controlling risks and hazards which may affect anyone in our workplace.

The Crux safety, environment and quality assurance plan.

This provides practical guidance to Crux managers, supervisors and field staff on day-to-day projects. It also aligns with any communication regarding, and compliance with, relevant health and safety, environmental management and quality assurance information that may be supplied by the client.

Safety and wellness.

At Crux nothing takes precedence over health and safety. The safety of our employees, contractors, subcontractors, customers, visitors and the community in which we operate is our first priority.

Our proactive, risk-averse approach to safety management aims at attaining a standard of excellence in safety across everything we do.

We believe that all accidents are preventable when everyone takes responsibility for their own safety, and the safety of others, on site. Which is why we focus on reducing workplace incidents, injuries and illness through behavioural change and personal awareness and responsibility.

Crux’s safety-first culture is learned through consistent teamwork, consultation, learning, leadership and a commitment to improvement. Crux is a dedicated and enthusiastic participant in industry initiatives that seek to improve safety generally across the industry.


At Crux we are committed to best practice environmental management in all aspects of our operations. We believe a holistic approach to sustainability helps us to create what matters today without compromising the tomorrow of our people and community.

We are committed to responsible environmental management which is supported by our values of innovation, care and shared responsibility for positive environmental outcomes.


At Crux, we have a commitment to the highest quality work, every time.

We work with our clients to ensure we understand, meet and exceed their expectations. We do this through our quality management system which includes:

  • Ensuring we do things right the first time

  • Regularly reviewing our quality management system

  • All employees being responsible for implementing our quality management system as it applies to their activities.


As passionate about our people, as we are about safety.

We're always looking for like-minded, highly skilled people to join us.


If we sound like your type of people, let’s talk. 

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